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  • I'm PROUD of you! Such a good cause & what a lot of work - Run, Forrest, Run!

    Katrinka Kramer over 8 years ago
  • Communication Associate

    Hi Shana, I have always thought that you worked for a truly thoughtful and compassionate company. Congratulations lady, your hard work will surely pay off!

    Raven Burns about 9 years ago
  • Mom

    Shana, We are so proud that you have found such an inspiring group of people to work with and invest your time, energy and enthusiasm. Keep up the great work! Little seeds grow to be giant oaks. You go girl!

    Joyce Brody about 9 years ago
  • President Obama's newly created White House Council on Women and Girls was assembled, in part, to help improve womens' economic status... he noted only 3% of the top 500 American companies are chaired by Women. Something must be done and there's no one better for the job than you Shana! I'm proud of your important work--I'm optimistic it will find the support it deserves.

    Miles Galbraith about 9 years ago
  • wonderful

    Keep up the great work, let em know!

    Darren Pearson about 9 years ago
  • Awesome!

    This is great, Shana! You and WEV are doing a lot of good in our community. Thanks!

    Chris Giles over 9 years ago
  • CEO

    Shana -- you're a gem. Thanks for your incredible commitment.

    Marsha Bailey over 9 years ago
  • this is great

    Shana - what a great example you set for all of us - thanks! Ann

    Ann Hutchins over 9 years ago

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